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The worn&wound Podcast Ep. 13: “I Would Call Myself an Accumulator”

In this episode of The worn&wound Podcast, we kick things off by talking to worn&wound …
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Hands-On with the Stowa Prodiver Blue Limited

Stowa’s hardcore dive watch, the Prodiver, has been around for a little over a decade now, and in its 10th year Stowa released a new …
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Stowa Celebrates 90 Years (and Some History on DUROWE)

This year marks Stowa’s 90th anniversary of uninterrupted watchmaking, and the Black Forest-based brand is celebrating the milestone in a big way. First, Stowa will …

Three-Watch Collection Under $5,000: Ilya’s Picks

A few years back, we ran a popular series titled, “5 watches for $2,000.” The thinking behind that exercise was relatively straight-forward—one of our readers …

My Watch: the Enduring Simplicity of the Stowa Antea KS, and Why I Won’t Flip Mine Anytime Soon

When I first got into collecting watches, I was initially drawn to the sportier sort—primarily rugged tool divers and chronographs (one of my first big …
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Stowa Begins Its Advent Calendar Sale, and That Means Savings for You

For a number of years now, Stowa has been running an Advent Calendar promotion on their website starting on the first of December, and with …
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w&w’s Guide to Watches 40mm and Under (Part 2)

A week ago today we published the first part of our guide to some of our favorite timepieces clocking in at 40mm and under (if …

w&w Instagram Round-Up #48

It’s Saturday, so time for our weekly Instagram round-up featuring some of our favorite watches from the past week. And don’t forget to follow our …